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 Ogame Council Hall

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PostSubject: Ogame Council Hall   Fri May 01, 2009 1:41 pm

This is the council hall for Ogame strategies, to the mods I really request this place to use, mainly due to the fact that the forums of Ogame and the game itself are constantly being scoured by our alliances enemies. Thank you.

* * *

On the homeworld of Galmora lies a large assembly hall, the building is made of adamantite metals, cleaned and polished into a pearly white beautiful stature. Within the chamber hall the area is dimly lit and a lone table sits in the middle, representatives, senators, and chairmen are placed in special hovercraft pods on the walls. Galmorian and alliance banners hang overhead on speacial hoverpods.

Murmurs are heard throughout the entire hall, all men conversing among themselves. The doors slam open and people start to file through, taking their seats at the table, a lone figure in pearl white and gold armor appears at the door, a crown on his head, gun holstered at the side, a sword within its sheath, and a cape of the finest materials upon him. The man is known as King Galmor XVI, King of the Kingdom of Galmora and one of the lords of the New United Chiefs Federation (NUCF).

He walks along the bridge to the suspened platform, he takes a seat at the rounded table. He looks about,

"When all arrive, state your names, and the alliance or planet you represent."
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Ogame Council Hall
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