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 The Metal Mage: You Can't Quit Being A Hero.

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PostSubject: The Metal Mage: You Can't Quit Being A Hero.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:40 pm

Hey all, late last night this idea for a story came to me and I couldn't help it had to write and post it. So hey, NE one wanna tell me what they think? Pretty please! Very Happy

The Metal Mage: Chapter 1
You Can't Quit Being A Hero

I sat quitely on my deck, contemplating how exactly I have gotten here through the years. Years it was, twenty long years ago. On that day, exactly twenty years ago I awoke after an accedent in my lab, and found myself in this strange world. Since that day I had loved, lost, killed and barley managed to stay alive. The thing I had done the most of was change. All those years ago I came here, a 25 year old intelectal, dressed in my lab coat and specticals shoved high on my nose.
That me was long dead, dead along with my dreams of returning home. I had promised myself twenty years of searching and I would give up the foolish quest, and so, that day, I say on my deck, infront of the house paid for by my long years of adventures. In all that time I had fought dragons and demons, armies and archmages, I had regained my sight to a point I hadn't had since I was twelve, and I had become a ledgend. The metal mage, that is what the locals of this world call me.
Still, it would seem that my adventures where far from over, it seems that once you become a ledgend you can not simply unbecome one. Evil seeks to remove your possible threat, good seeks your assistance, and youth come to beg you for wisdom. It seemed that youthful begging for wisdom would be the first lesson that I would be taught. I hardly suspected that on this day I would do anything but morn the loss of my hope.
"Um, are you Drake? The Metal Mage?" A youthful voice asked, startleing me out of my morning. I looked up at the boy, young, not older than 16 at the most, short brown hair, intelligent blue eyes, not quite as tall as me, probably 5'10, a few inches to go, he'd be bigger than me in a few years. Above all he was arrogant. I had put signs up around the limits of my king granted land, and since most in this world couldn't read I did post the local version of a no traspassing symbol (a figure of a man with a knife to his throat, though I had changed mine to a gun, the meaning was obvious). I started to say something rude, but something about the boy remainded myself of a boy I once knew, a prince who accompanied me on one of my many adventures, unlike me the prince did not last the whole way through.
Instead I rand my hand through my short, well groomed salt and pepper hair, my beard matched, several wizards had asked me to fix the promblematic results of ageing, but I thought it gave me a look of wizdom. Now sitting above this boy on a rocking chair, looking down at his youth I felt a bit jelious. "I assume you saw the signs?" Was the best I could come up with while pushing the prince to the back of my mind. The boy nodded, and swollowed worriedly. His eyes stareing carefully at me, my own matching his stare with a glare. Why did he have to bother me the day after my return, could an old man not morn the loss of hope? "And you choose to ignore the signs and risk death to come see me?" He nodded again.
I stood up swiftly, he flinched slightly, but I pretended not to notice and turned entering my house, waving for him to follow as I turned. "Come on in, at least I can get you a drink." I said, not really ever picking up the better than you additude the other lords of the kingdom had. I wasn't well recived by my peers upon my corination of a lord either. Didn't bother me much. My land was ran by the people with an exception of a large plot that I built my place on, plus surrounding forest.
I heard him walking up the stairs onto the deck as I entered the house. House was a very loose term with this place, massion was much closer. 15 bedrooms, 15 baths, 2 dineing halls, a massive kitchen and even larger labratory. My 'maid' had been sitting on a chair in my livingroom. A young woman, long silky red hair, equally beautiful blue eyes, and of course a great figure, even under her black and white maids uniform. She stood up with a sad smile as I entered, but the smail fadded as she saw that I had a guest. "Should I prepare some tea Lord Sims?" She asked seriously, she had what would have been called an irish accent in my world.
"Calm down Vivi, he's no one important." I said waving her to relax. The reaction reminded me of a puppet, her ridged stance became one like her body hung lightly on strings. The sad smile graced her lips again.
"Would you like me to get ride of him for you?" She asked softly, her eyes darting to the boy, who seemed throughly fasinated by her, the girls look though was one of danger. I say girl, but witch was a much more discriptive way of refering to her. I had learned quickly that magic could be fun or scary easily.This girl I had found on my final quest, she had been the apprentice to the 'witch queen' who threatened to enslave the entire kingdom.I defeated the witch queen and she was left with no place to go. That was a year ago, she stayed with me as I spent the last year desprately looking for any hint of a way home, nothing.
"He'll be ok Vivi, walked all the way here from town I assume so the least I can do is get him something to drink and let him plead his case, what ever that maybe."
"I do appriciat that Mr. Sims." The boy said to me, though his eyes remained fixated on Vivi.
"Lord Sims." Vivi corrected coldly. I smiled as I walked past her and the large couch she had been sitting on. The boy hurrying after me echoed her correction as if it mattered to me. Still, she was just being protective of me, after all, I'm sure she was one of the few who understood what I was going through. Her village had been slaughtered by the witch queen, who had found her suitible to be a witch. So she saw me as a saviour, and possibly as a father figure, I had certainly been watching over her as best I could for the last year. How could I not, 17 with no family left, and having to have spent all that time with the dreadful witch queen. I'm not even going to get started on the witch queen, the W certainly needed to be replaced with a capital B.[center]
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PostSubject: Re: The Metal Mage: You Can't Quit Being A Hero.   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:37 am

First off, double check your formatting when copying something onto a forum. Indents don't show up and put spaces between your paragraphs. Also, spell check is your friend. Wink

I liked it. The main character and his maid seemed interesting.
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The Metal Mage: You Can't Quit Being A Hero.
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