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 The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga

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PostSubject: The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:48 am

Here's a short story I'm currently working on. Oh and just as an aside, Akio Zain has no relation to Zain Pyrrhus. The names are just a coincidence.

Sagas of Aether:
The Akio Saga

In the twilight of a cold autumn day, smoke poured into the darkening sky as the last embers of another fallen village sputtered out. In the center of the ruins stood a monument to the attacker’s cruelty, a pile of bloodied and bruised heads. Each face was twisted into a mask of terror; a reflection of their final moments.

Not far from the monument, Akio Zain, adorned in thick brown leather and chain mail armor, sat upon his powerful steed. He had a tan complexion, and short messy black hair. His dark brown eyes, which sat at slight angles, scanned the destruction scattered around. “…Savages,” he growled, shattering the silence.

A slightly younger rider rode up to Akio and bowed his head. “Sir, there were no survivors. Is… is this really the work of the exiled Monun tribe?”

With a sigh, Akio gazed at his subordinate. “Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. This makes what, five villages that have fallen?”

“Yes, commander. All in the last two weeks, but it doesn’t make any sense. Why attack small villages, why not go after our outposts or launch a siege Fort Zanark? Or just try to bypass our fortifications and head for the capital, Aegis?”

He’s right that this doesn’t make sense, thought Akio. They’re attempting to draw us out into an open field confrontation, but any of the single tribes simply wouldn’t have the numbers to face the western division of the riders head on… unless… no, I shouldn’t assume anything at this point.

“Um, sir?” questioned his subordinate as Akio stared at the mountain of carnage.

“Come. We should head back and report our findings to General Hyacinth.”

The young rider saluted, “Yes sir!”

It took about a days travel to reach Fort Zanark, the heart of Adon’s western defenses. Its impressive stone walls, which had catapults ready to destroy any who dared came within range sitting on the corner towers, were a welcomed sight to Akio. Even the exiled tribes wouldn’t dare attack this place head on.

The two approached the opening gate and were saluted by the lightly armored spearmen standing at each side. “Welcome back, sir!”

“Is General Hyacinth in his office?” responded Zain without even looking at the guard.

“Yes, commander, but he’s currently holding a conference with Knight Commander Justin Charon.”

“What!” Akio jumped down from his horse and approached the guard. “What the hell are the knights doing around here?!?”

“Um, sir… I apologize but I don’t know. He just came unannounced carrying a message from his majesty and Knight General Aldrich.”

“Damned pretty boy nobles…” he mumbled to no one in particular.


“Never mind.” Turning to the castle in the center, he ordered, “Take my horse to the stable.”

Akio opened the door to General Hyacinth’s office just in time to here Knight Commander Charon chewing him out. “Five villages have fallen under your command. That is unacceptable!” Charon wore his full battle armor, steel plates layered over each other and held in place by chain mail. Leaning forward against the general’s desk, his long blonde hair slid over his shoulders, as his sky blue eyes stared a whole through the elder soldier. “The grand general of the riders has already been talked to by his majesty and neither are pleased with your progress.”

“We don’t know the enemy’s numbers or who they’re commanded by. We can’t just ride out against them when we don’t know their capabilities,” calmly replied the general. The old, white haired man was usually a little over cautious by Akio’s standards, but in this they agreed.

Standing upright, Knight Commander Charon looked away in disgust. “Yet another failure on your part. If you and your men can’t handle this, then just say so. Maybe if you would have asked for the help of the other riders or the knights, then this could have been taken care of a lot quicker.”

Akio clenched his fists, attempting to keep his composure. “You knights can come and handle it? Ha! You knights haven’t been in a real battle since before I was born.”

“And you are?” asked the knight.

“Commander Akio Zane, proud soldier of the western riders.”

“Ah, yes I heard of you. That criminal that the general brought into his ranks. I guess the western riders are getting desperate these days. Though I can’t blame the good general. After all, criminals can’t do worse than the usual peasants that fill up your ranks.”

Akio rushed forward and grabbed a hold of Charon’s shoulder. “What was that you bastard. One more word and I’ll throw your ass out of here.”

General Hyacinth stood up and walked up to the two men “Akio!”

“But sir, he has no right to say things like that in our…” Before he could finish, Charon punched him, knocking Akio to the floor. Wiping the blood away, Akio quickly stood back up.

“Akio, stand down.”

Charon chuckled as he wiped Akio’s blood from his gauntlet. “Well, at least your attack dogs listen to their master, I’ll give you that.”

“Fucking bastard,” mumbled Commander Zain.

“Akio that is enough!” General Hyacinth turned and faced the knight. “Now Commander Charon, was there more that his majesty said?”

“Yes, you are temporarily relieved of your command. Lieutenant General Clark Dreneth will be taking command in your absence. Also, he has ordered that my men and I assist in ridding Adon of the exiles.”

Dreneth! That snake in the grass. He was probably the one that reported our so called failures. Damn it, he’ll pay for this. Bringing in the knights and getting the general dismissed… I should have seen this coming.

“Very well then. May he have more luck than I did. If that is all, you are dismissed Commander Charon. I need to clear out my stuff.”

Charon grunted with a smirk, before turning and walking out of the office; making sure to bump against Akio along the way.

“Pretty boy bastard.”

“Criminal.” Charon slammed the door on the way out.

“General, he had no right to say that in our base.”

“Yes, I know and if I was your age, I probably would have done the same as you,” calmly spoke the general. Hyacinth smiled and placed a hand on Akio’s shoulder. “Though he’s right, we should have dealt with this quicker and we should know more about them. Maybe I’m getting too old and too cautious for this. If the lieutenant general can succeed in driving out the exiles, then maybe he should be placed in charge.”

“Aren’t you mad at all about getting screwed over?”

“Akio, you must understand anger solves nothing. Whether I get mad or not, it doesn’t change what’s happening.”

“I… but…” Akio sighed and bowed his head his general. “You’re right, I apologize for my behavior.”

General Hyacinth softly laughed. “Its fine, I doubt you’re the first person Charon has upset. I think you need a break from all this chaos and destruction. Go into town and grab a drink or two.”

“Sir, I’m fine.”

“What good is a commander who is mentally burnt out? Now go. Consider it my last order to you.”

“Alright, if you say so, but it won’t be your last order sir.” Akio turned and slowly left the office.

As he closed the door, the general muttered, “I wouldn’t count on that,” to himself.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga   Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:13 pm

you tell him, Akio...
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PostSubject: Re: The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga   Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:25 pm

Good piece of writing Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga   

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The Sagas of Aether: The Akio Saga
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