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 The Light Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: The Light Of Darkness   Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:57 pm

This is the Prologue to my story The Light of Darkness, its still an epic story so enjoy.

The Light of Darkness

Prologue: Cries of Night.

*radio chatter* "This is unit 43 I'm in pursuit of armed robbers on interstate 785, suspects are riding a black Kyro Armored Truck, car is heavily armored and suspects are very dangerous. Suspects are believed to be using heavy weaponry. This is a code beta alert, I repeat code beta alert."

"The nights rush is a dangerous one, it screams for the desires of many. It is merely a trap to ensnare you in the most predictable and most deadly of things..."

*radio chatter* "Unit 23 is down, there is a conformation on heavy weaponry. We need to stop that car!"

"The night is known to kill the ones who are the most unprepared..."

*radio chatter* "Suspects have destroyed 3 civilian vehicles! Dammit! My partner has been shot, he requires medical assitance. Take that damn car out now!"

"It screams for you my son, it wants you to come. You are prepared to face the challenges of the night, go to it. The dark denizens of the fortress are hurting the pure. I must have their SOULS! My son, you know what must be done.

"I do, master." A dark figure overlooking the city of Oria takes a glimpse at the smoke that fill the air. The Black trench coat he wears whips in the western wind, his hands are covered with gloves, both articles of clothing cover the runic scripts magically bound to his flesh. His short hair, as black as the night itself, whips along with his coat. A large broadsword with archaic runes is magically bound to the back of his coat. Within his coat is a unique kind of pistol, the bullets, enhanced with magical powers. He knows of the battle that takes place on the city streets. A smile comes across the figures face, "Mere mortals, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into." Then the figure jumps from his cliff-like perch to defeat the darkness of the city streets.

As the figure descended into the light of the city he recalled something. He closed his eyes and looked into it, was it a long lost memory perhaps? Maybe something of his family, friends, dreams? Whatever the ordeal was he knew that he could not waste time on such meaningless matters. The past was the past, and he had to stay within the present, not even the future mattered to him. When he opened his eyes a bar became visible to him, and thus like a true acrobat, he grasped, swung, and flung himself to the next building. He landed without a sound and continued to rush himself along at a fast pace. He jumped from building to building with grace, and still continued to keep his momentum.

The recollection dawned on him once more, and just as quickly as it came it was pushed away at the same moment. In the middle of a battle, such thoughts would of killed him instantly, fortunately he trained his mind to keep at bay such thoughts. This one however was different, it continued pushing at him, he could not keep away for more than a few seconds. "Leave my mind, dammit!"

After running for some time he managed to reach his point of interception. The truck was right under him, and pure souls flittered in the air from their pre-death, not sure where to go. This happened many times when evil was involved, it disturbed him, to see such pure unadulterated life just wander helplessly in the air, searching for a purpose. This he quickly brushed aside, and continued to chase the armored truck. At an instant he made the jump and landed with a thump on top of the truck.

"dammit what the hell was that", said one of the robbers

"go check it out. We need to get these explosives to the docks, and the cops are already giving us enough trouble. We don't need anymore distubances."

The robber nodded and pulled out an LJ7 military standard SMG. He climbed the ladder and opened the roof compartment, when he looked all he saw was a shadow and the barrel of a uniquely shaped pistol. He would of admired it more, that is if he hadn't been shot with it. Blood sprayed on the inside and Deathblade kicked the body back inside the truck. He then proceeded to jump down, and when he made his landing and pistol was pointed to the back of his head.

"heh" chuckled the other robber "thought you could outsmart us, huh?"

"Actually, I already did"

"heh, a wise guy eh?! I've only got one thing to say to wise guys."

"and what would that be?" said Deathblade a smile creeping over his face.

"See you in hell, asshole!"

And a gunshot rang out through the truck.
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The Light Of Darkness
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